Overvalued Small & Mid Cap Stocks to Short Sell

About Me

My name is Andy, and I trade the stock market.
My goal is to expose overvalued stocks to short-sell

After years of trading the stock market, I have learned what drives the market, and why the market does what it does. The four facts to the right are the 100% absolutes I look for in a stock before I short sell that stock. 

Contrary to popular belief, news is designed to lead the herd while professionals want the stock to run. The news is also used to generate buyers at the top when they want to sell their shares.

I trade based on Richard Wyckoff's Market Phases and Volume Spread Analysis (VSA). For short-selling, I am looking for "Distribution" and "Mark Down" phases. My blog posts contain my watchlist. Typical targets range from 10-40%, and typical duration is intraday to 3 trading sessions. Stop losses are always enforced.

If my service is helpful to you, I would like to hear your feedback!

  • Fact #1

    Stocks that go up eventually come down

  • Fact #2

    Volume exposes professional activity

  • Fact #3

    Professionals manipulate the stock price

  • Fact #4

    Professionals sell at the highs

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